Life Isn't Meant To Be So Crazy Busy

Free Up More Time To Do What You Love

Avoid Burnout

Eliminate Overwhelm

Reduce Stress


The IOKA Method: How To Do More of What Matters Most

Discover the 3-phase system to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm & achieve your biggest dream!

Unbusy Life - Action Map

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Common Signs of Busyness

Busyness is negatively affecting your life if you are experiencing any of these things:


    Frequent feelings of stress & overwhelm with what you have to do at home or in your business.


    Having a desire to change or improve something in your life...but you just can't seem to make it happen!


    Living with a never-ending stream of continuous tasks and from one thing to the next!


    Feeling like there are more things to do than there is time in the day for you to get them all done!


    Plowing ahead despite being tired, sluggish, worn out and lacking the energy to remain productive throughout your day.


    Inability to produce at a high-level due to distractions, interruptions and other "productivity killers".

Dr. Brad Semp - Founder of the Busyness Academy

Shift to an Unbusy Life

Living an Unbusy Life isn't what you might think.


It's not about being lazy or laying around and doing nothing.


It's about doing more of what matters...and less of what doesn't.

Dr. Brad Semp - Busyness Doctor

"I told my 6 year-old son that I was too busy to play catch with him...and then I sat on the floor & cried."

Dr. Brad Semp

Founder & CEO

Busyness Academy

Life is super busy as a husband, father of 5, corporate CEO, entrepreneur, blogger, coach and teacher...


...but I've vowed to never again be "too busy" to do the things that truly matter in my life.


Over the past 10+ years, we've guided thousands of busy people to get out of busyness and to get things done in 1/2 the that they have plenty of time to do what matters most. 

Let's see how much busyness you have in your life right now...


What's Your Busyness Number?

Immediately after you complete the Busyness Assessment, we will email to you your personalized PDF findings report. Inside you will find your Busyness Number, life satisfaction gaps, causes of your busyness & much more!

Requires about 3 to 5 minutes of your time

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