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How to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm & get more done in 1/2 the time...so that you have the freedom to do what you want.

Do You Have These Symptoms?

Busyness is negatively affecting your life if you experience one or more of the following symptoms.


    Experiencing frequent feelings of stress & overwhelm with what you have to do at home or in your business.


    Having a desire to change or improve something in your life...but you just can't seem to make it happen!


    Plowing ahead despite being tired, sluggish, worn out and lacking the energy to remain productive throughout your day.


    Experiencing the never-ending stream of continuous tasks and events...racing from one thing to the next!


    Feeling like there are more things to do than there is time in the day to get them all done...and knowing that tomorrow will be more of the same!

Systematize Your Business

Systematize Your Business

Busyness is a huge problem for entrepreneurs and business owners. The bad news...


...is that the bigger and the faster your grow, the easier it is for busyness to creep in and to sabotage your efforts.


The good news, however...


...is that by systematizing your business you can identify and eliminate the busyness that is preventing your business from reaching its potential (and keeping you from living an Unbusy Life).


Helping super busy, stressed out and overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business owners like you is something that we do.


Take our free assessment to identify how much busyness exists in your organization or business.

Unbusy Your Life

Even though we are a place for super busy people, the ironic thing is that being busy isn't really that bad. In fact, being busy is a good thing...


...as long as you are busy doing things that truly matter to you.


Think about your life right now.


Is there any area of your life that you are not satisfied with?


If so, it's not because you are busy. It's because busyness is present in your life and keeping you from living a full life.


Busyness prevents you from living the life that you dream about.


However, it is entirely possible to get out of busyness and to start your journey to an Unbusy Life. Let's take your first step together.

Dr. Brad Semp - Founder of the Busyness Academy

Dr. Brad Semp - Busyness Doctor

"Nothing matters more than helping someone else to live a meaningful life."

Dr. Brad Semp

Founder & CEO

Busyness Academy

Dr. Brad is a passionate thinker and doer of life including roles as a husband, father of 5, corporate CEO, blogger, coach and teacher. 


As a transformed “super busy person”, he battles daily to stay out of busyness....and to live an Unbusy Life.


Dr. Brad is passionate about helping other busy people to combat busyness and to accomplish what matters most to them.

Let's see how much busyness you have in your life right now...


What's Your Busyness Number?

Immediately after you complete the Busyness Assessment, we will email to you your personalized PDF findings report. Inside you will find your Busyness Number, life satisfaction gaps, causes of your busyness & much more!

Requires about 3 to 5 minutes of your time

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