About Our Mission

Our mission is to transition 1 million individuals out of busyness and into an Unbusy Life... by doing more of what truly matters.

Our mission started in 2011 when a short interaction between Dr. Brad Semp and his then six year-old son left tears running down his cheek...


...and ignited a life-long passion to figure out why he was "too busy" to do what should have mattered most (read more of the story here). 


Our Busyness Academy team is dedicated to helping a million others to get out of busyness.

Dr. Brad Semp - Busyness Doctor

Busyness is something that negatively affects every human. Knowingly or not, busyness stalls, delays and prevents you from accomplishing what matters most.


Our community is focused on helping one another to reduce the amount of busyness in our lives.


It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. It’s a process. We call it shifting to an Unbusy Life. 


You can start your own journey by taking our free Busyness Assessment... 


...or explore some of our other free resources.

Things To Explore

Check out & explore the following resources related to living an Unbusy Life.

Free Ebook

Download Dr. Brad's more recent ebook - 7 Habits of Unbusy People (it's free)!

Free Assessment

Take our assessment & receive a PDF findings report with your Busyness Number!

21-Day Challenge

Engage in our Shift to Unbusy challenge to radically improve any area of your life!

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145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS

Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Unbusy LLC

145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS