Busy Is Bull Crap


Being Busy Is Bull Crap

We live in a super busy world filled with super busy people. At least we think we do and like to tell others that we are. We sometimes like to communicate in the form of a brag. Other times, it may sound more like a complaint. It turns out, however, that no one person is busier than another.

The problem is that being busy isn’t reality.


It’s not true.


In fact, being busy isn’t even possible.


Examine for a moment the definition of busy.


The common definition is having many activities or things to do.


But as humans we always have things to do.


Isn’t doing things what living life is all about?


Work is doing something.


But sleeping is doing something, too.


Eating is an activity.


And so is watching Netflix, sitting on the beach or scrolling on your phone.


All of us have the same time allotted to us and we do things every second of each day.


So by definition, we’re all busy.


But in reality, we’re really not because doing things is just living life.


The feeling of being busy is a personal one.


What feels busy to you is likely different from what feels busy to your neighbor.


There’s no way to measure it.


There’s no threshold or magical point where your life flips from being acceptable to busy.


At least not outside of your own mind.


The problem is not the quantity of activities that must be done.


Super busy people face a bigger problem.


A problem that is much more concerning...and even deadly.


It’s called engaging in meaningless action.


Or doing things that do not matter.


It’s called busyness.


Unfortunately, our world and personal lives are filled with it.


Busyness sabotages dreams, desires and happiness.


Busy is a state of mind.


But it is a state of mind that is bull crap.

Do you know how much busyness is in your life today?

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