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From the desk of Dr. Brad Semp.

Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Dear Friends,


We live in a world where stress, overwhelm and busyness reign supreme.  Unfortunately, it's way too easy to be sucked into a deep state of BUSYNESS without even realizing it.


At a minimum, the busyness that exists in your life prevents you from achieving your goals and dreams. Worst-case, busyness can kill you.

The Busyness Trap Isn't Your Fault

Even though you feel stressed, overwhelmed or totally out-of-control, I do have some very GOOD NEWS.


You see...there's an important thing that I've been teaching my clients about. I call it the Evolutionary Gap.

The gap has been formed over the past few decades due to the exponential growth of technology & global connectedness.


This stuff has evolved around us at a rate much, much faster than that of our human brains.


This means that we are living in a supercharged, digital & highly connected world...but with the mindset, skills and primal instincts of our pre-historic ancestors.


The result is that there are more connections, conversations and opportunities to do things than ever before...but our minds are built to want to do it all.


Without proper training, your life is unknowingly being destroyed by meaningless stuff.


The good news is that being trapped in busyness isn't your fault. Even better news is that you can reduce the busyness in your life.


But there's also some bad news...

Being Caught In Busyness Is A Big Problem For You

Most people have no idea that busyness is secretly sabotaging their life.


Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed is just the beginning.


The bigger problem is that busyness prevents you from achieving your most important goals and dreams in life.


So if you are feeling dissatisfied or unhappy with any part of your life, it is very likely (almost guaranteed) that you are caught in busyness.


Let me ask you there at least one particular area in your life that you are not satisfied with?


Maybe you are unhappy with your job? Or you are falling short on the financial side and struggling with debt and paying your bills?


Is your marriage or other important relationship on the rocks right now?


Or it could be that you have a dream to go back to school or to start a new business but just can't ever seem to make it happen!?


Busyness is the root cause behind all of these struggles in life (and a whole lot more).


So now you are faced with a HUGE PROBLEM...with two main ways to fix it:


OPTION 1: You do nothing. This means that you are OK with continuing to live with stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction in your life.


OPTION 2: You take fast action to identify and rip this busyness crap out of your life...once and for all.


The decision is yours to make.


But if you would allow me to do so, I would love to coach you through this.

You're Invited To Join Our Shift to UNBUSY - 21-Day Challenge

This challenge has been designed to "hold your hand" and help you to identify, measure and then REMOVE the busyness that exists in your life.


Together, we're going to figure out how busyness is preventing you from living the life that you really want.


Next, we're going to help you to select the biggest problem area in your life and show you exactly how to improve it.


We'll do all of this together over the next 21 days. Are you ready?


Every challenge participant receives immediate access to the challenge dashboard, a daily step-by-step action plan with video instruction, all of the necessary tools & templates, and live coaching for the full 21-day period.

  • Immediate Access To The Challenge Dashboard

    You'll be sent a username and password to login to our private challenge dashboard that is accessible ONLY by you and other participants.

  • Step-By-Step Daily Action Plan

    Each day of the challenge you'll receive a brief email reminder to login to the Challenge Dashboard. There you will find a short video training for the day along with the exact action that you need to take.

  • Tools & Templates

    Every tool and template that you need to complete the action steps will be provided to you. Multiple formats including PDF, MS Word / Excel and Google Docs / Sheets are available.

  • Live Coaching Via Our Private Facebook Group

    You'll receive an exclusive invitation to join our private, Shift to Unbusy group on Facebook. Inside this group you will be able to interact with other challenge participants and attend live coaching calls with Dr. Brad & other Certified Busyness Coaches.

Join the 21-day challenge

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Immediately after your registration, you will be sent an email with information to access the Challenge Dashboard.

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