Lose Your Mind


Try Harder To Lose Your Mind

We place a great deal of focus and effort on how to fully utilize our brains. We regularly aspire to think, create and to be present in the moment. But what we rarely do, and so desperately need, is the opposite. We sometimes just need to lose our mind.


Call it what you want.


Some refer to it as mindfulness. Others say they are meditating.


For a parent stuck in a stay at-home quarantine, it might be referred to as a mental blowout or meltdown.


There are many different ways to lose your mind.


But there is one specific state of mind that we should all be trying harder to achieve.


A singular state.


A state in which you are consciously thinking about only one thing and loving every second of it.


It must be something that you do. An activity that you engage in.


Not influencing the state of your mind in a bad way, but from an activity that is productive, healthy and fun.


For some, it might be hitting around a small white ball until it drops into a hole.


It could be reading a book, sewing or cooking.


For others, running or working out may be the answer.


It doesn’t really matter what it is. What matters is that you have it.


You need something in your life that helps you to lose your mind.


But not for too long.


Only long enough that your mind is completely disengaged and disconnected from the stress, worry and challenges of everyday life.


Do you already have something like this in your life? 


If not, you should try harder to lose your mind.


What activity best allows you to lose your mind?

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