Partner With Us

AWe're seeking to partner with folks who believe so strongly in our mission...that you want to help spread the word about living an Unbusy Life. 


What You Will Be Promoting

The world is filled with super busy people who are unhappy & unsatisfied with life...all you have to do is introduce them to our free Busyness Assessment.

  • Relevant Societal Topic: People today are stressed out, overwhelmed & busier than ever before. 

  • Low-Entry Barrier: Most folks are open-minded to invest just a few minutes of time to complete some assessment questions.

  • No Selling: This isn't Amway, MLM or direct sales (and there's no home parties involved). In fact, you don't have to sell anything...just share.

Simply tell others about busyness and let us handle the rest.

We've intentionally designed a program that makes it easy for you to share with others. There's no selling, begging or convincing required. The only thing that you need to do is encourage others to take our free Busyness Assessment.

How The Program Works

Our Busyness Partnership Program has been designed to maximize your Return On Action (ROA)... that every person you introduce experiences a postive, life-changing transformation...


...and you are rewarded for making the introduction.


There's no need for selling, debating or convincing.


The only action necessary from our partners is to introduce our free asseessment.


From that point forward, our system does the rest by providing a valuable and informative assessment report...


...a 21-day Shift To Unbusy Challenge


...various 1-on-1 and group coaching options


...and other popular training programs for people who are caught in busyness.


Without partners like you, we cannot achieve our mission of transforming 1 million individuals from super busy to living an Unbusy Life.

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145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS

Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Unbusy LLC

145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS