The Power of 10% Perfect


The Power of 10% Perfect

Do you start a lot of things, but maybe not finish them because you don't feel that they're perfect? Waiting for perfection is one of the common mistakes that people make to sabotage their productivity and success.

We live in a world where people seek to be perceived as perfect.


Look no further than the pretty smiles, beautiful homes, fancy cars and perfectly happy and successful people on social media.


For most people, creating a perfect post requires significantly more time and effort than it ever should.


However, this digital age issue is only a symptom of a larger societal problem.


Our society consciously seeks perfection but subconsciously gravitates to the opposite.


Our innate human wiring connects effortlessly through real and vulnerable imperfection.


Yet we continuously hide what we feel isn’t good and share only what we think others will like.


Herein lies the dichotomy of imperfect people pursuing only perfection.


We aspire to capture a perfect photo or video.


We dress to achieve a flawless look.


We search for a perfect job.


We dream about a perfect relationship.


We long for a perfect body.


We hold onto and hide things because they aren’t perfect.


Striving for perfection isn’t the problem.


The problem is that waiting for perfection delays us from moving ahead toward our goals and dreams.


An alternative approach is to shift your expectation from perfect and to accept a state of something less.


Let’s call it 10% perfect.


Focusing on achieving 10% perfect doesn’t change your end goal.


You can still continue to seek perfection.


Only you shouldn’t hold out for it.


Our best work is rarely our first work. The truth is that we learn over time.


And we always make mistakes, despite our intentions and desire to avoid them.


Rather than waiting for something to be perfect, take the bold step of pushing it out there and then continuously improving it.


Doing so requires a simple and powerful shift in your mindset. But when you do, it will enable you to achieve what you want faster than you ever have before.



What will be your next thing to release when it is only 10% perfect?

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