Seeking Truth


Seeking Truth Is A Skill That Matters

We have access to more data and information than ever before. But what should be a wealth of trustworthy information, has evolved into something else. Like it or not, each of us must develop a skill to determine what is true.

Truth is valued and needed.


It is sacred and bestowed.


Truth forms a solid foundation on which options are weighed and decisions are made.


As humans, we know that truth is difficult to build and easy to lose.


But in today's world, truth is becoming more elusive to find.


The Internet began as a way to improve the speed and efficiency of sharing information.


A few online clicks have replaced books and library research.


Gigabytes of information is available at our fingertips.


Yet there is growing uncertainty of what we can and should believe.


In decades past, the publisher ensured the accuracy of information.


Today, anyone can publish anything online.


Traditional media has switched to bias, attention & fake news.


World leaders tweet influential but unproven statements.


Social media platforms struggle to balance free speech with truth speak.


In the end, the burden of truth has shifted from the publisher to consumer.


It is up to each of us to determine what is true and what isn’t.


No longer can information be accepted at face value.


Everything needs to undergo a personal vetting.


What is true?


What isn’t true?


It's definitely not an easy thing to figure out.


Doing so requires a skill that most people have not yet developed.


But it's certainly clear that finding truth is a skill that everyone needs.

In what area of your life do you struggle to find the truth?

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