A key principle of The Unbusy™ is to start taking the right action. Even if it is only something small. Even if you fail to be be consistent - you must take the first step.

This is a place for Super Busy People.


We live in a crazy busy society. Our lives are influenced by how easy it is to access information, by the technology around us, by the people who interact with us, and through the ever-increasing ability to connect with and talk to anyone at anytime.


Being busy seems to be the new norm. And quite frankly, being busy isn’t a bad thing.


I personally prefer to be busy instead of sitting around doing nothing. I also prefer to hire busy people and only work with busy clients. So as you can see, busy does not always equal bad.

A problem occurs, however, when we are busy doing the wrong things. For every action that we take, it has only two possible results.


First, the action moves us toward achieving our dreams and our intentions for our life.


Or second, it is a wasted action that stalls our progress or worse yet, keeps us from achieving what we really want to achieve.


When this happens, you are engaged (usually unknowingly) in meaningless action and thrust into BUSYNESS.


Just to make sure that we're speaking the same language, I define busyness as "a symptom of engaging in meaningless action."

So if you’re like most of my clients, you will relate to one or more of the following:


You also have many things to do and often feel like there isn’t enough hours to make everything happen. But you also have dreams, aspirations and goals for your life that you want to accomplish.


Overall, you’re doing well but there’s one or more key areas of your life where you feel like you are falling short.


If this describes you...than you are certainly in the right place and we are here to help you.


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145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS

Copyright © 2011 - 2019 Unbusy LLC

145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS