Start Your Unbusy Life

Living an Unbusy Life™ is all about taking the right action. Even if it is only something must take the first step. 

The Starting Line

This is a place for Super Busy People.


It's a place for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, leaders...


....and stay-at-home parents, husbands, wives, friends... well as the normal, everyday Janes & Joes.


Most importantly, it is a place where folks can come together to get out of busyness & to pursue an Unbusy Life.

Olympia Start Line

We are dedicated to helping one another to discover that being busy isn't the real problem.


In fact, being busy isn't even true.


The real problem is that our lives are being sabotaged by busyness...


...and it's not entirely your fault.


Right now you are at the starting line of new journey that is much more of a marathon than it is a sprint.


But it is a marathon that anyone can run...


...everyone can finish...


...and you get the reward of a full & satisfied life.

Definition of Busyness

With education, knowledge and taking the right action, we can reduce and even eliminate the busyness that is sabotaging our lives.


It takes some work but as the old adage goes...


...anything that is worthwhile requires some effort.


Most importantly, you are not alone... thousands of other super busy people have come before you on this journey.

Your First Steps

Step 1 to an Unbusy Life

Free Assessment

Step 1 is to take our Busyness Assessment & download your free PDF findings report.

Step 2 to an Unbusy Life

Busyness Training

Step 2 is to watch our busyness training video (it's also free!)

Step 3 to live an Unbusy Life

21-Day Challenge

Step 3 is to join our Shift to Unbusy - 21-day challenge to experience a new life!

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145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS

Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Unbusy LLC

145 South Livernois Road, Ste 233, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 – (855) BUSYNESS